Tech Heavy Charts 2: Charts by dimo

THC2 / cbd

dimo (& friends!) present a 2024 pack.

All files currently in beta and may change at any time.

Please ask if you want to use a specific file for an event.
(for the latest!)

Hopefully much easier to DL / keep track of this year around. No more 5 per month, finish at end of the year kinda jawn.

I will append [N of 60] at the end of the pack name and when we hit 60, it’ll be done ([n] of 60 removed from pack name).

Current list of charts (13/60):

Deliverancesanmal14/16dimo / ChanceR
Dub-I-Dub (DNQ Bass Remix)Ami Suzuki / Masayoshi Iimori11/12dimo / Zaia
MOREPWREliminate13/13cmmf / dimo + A. Astral
RevolutionBilliumMoto13dimo / A. Astral
Son, not gabba nowY&Co.13dimo
Take Me HigherJAKAZiD13dimoneeds rework, end is impossible (go ahead and try ig)
UndacovaJAKAZiD14dimo / Exschwasion
VIBRANhato vs. MK13dimo
Visionary (Similar Outskirts Remix)Skybreak & modus.12dimo
When the beat BangTchami & Malaa13dimo
THC2, baby!