omid 👆🏾 and also 👇🏾

I am Omid aka dimo: top 5 worldwide In the Groove / StepMania competitor and streamer; appeared on Games Done Quick — played StepMania and raised $100K for Doctors Without Borders; I love public speaking, my wife, and cannabis reform/deschedulization.

Work, currently: I “left” tech to work for myself and my wife. I do UX (user experience) research & product consulting, career coaching, and own B&M businesses locally.

Getting married? Let us help.

[cat cafe coming soon]; [barcade coming soon]

Previously: founded & managed user experience research team @discord.

Even More Previously: led research @cruise (consumer experience); @dropbox (desktop assistant), @meta (my research founded/bootstrapped Facebook Gaming) and started everything by interning at @blizzard ( client, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2).