omid 👆🏾 and also 👇🏾


the thing I spend the most time doing outside of work is playing Dance Games. specifically, I play StepMania (fka In the Groove); it’s just DDR with all user-generated content.

I stream most weekdays on twitch around 5pm (weekends too, just varying times). highlights (and some other fun stuff) go on my youtube!

I am also a Tournament/Community/Event organizer. I run my own custom chart creating event called “dimocracy”, which is in its 3rd year. To date, I’ve given $1,500+ away of my own money (free to enter). I also own/operate a Discord server with all Dance Game admins who run their own stuff, too.


I lead a small but mighty research team at discord! you can find me and chat with me about work on linkedin.

My ideal post-career life is likely doing things in the realm of esports. TBD…


I am in love w/ this person right here. we’re getting married in 2023! check out her art @thepaperkat.