hi there.


  • i am “dimo” of DDR fame! proud to be one of the top players in the world. DDR (and it’s open-source sister “ITG”) have brought me literally countless hours of joy and exercise.
  • i contribute to a podcast called the arrow panel!
  • i help manage LIFE4DDR, the most officially unofficial ranking system for DDR players.
  • consider buying some amazing art at @dangershark to support some amazing DDR competitors


  • i do did research at cruise 😢 and absolutely loved trying to shape the future of transportation. (sadly, i was one of the 150 here and am actively looking for leadership opportunities in the UX research space, irrespective of industry!)

other fun stuff:

  • my current blood sugar reading is 133. this was measured at 9:38PM. the trend seems to be trending → from last reading (Δ-2 mg/dL). neat. (yes, this is in real-time and real. you are literally reading my current blood glucose. crazy.)
  • i’ve given a few cool talks (that’s my favorite though) and hold two patents. (that’s one; the second one is secret for now)
  • i am in love w/ this person right here. she’s so amazing. check out her art @thepaperkat.