Tech Heavy Charts (THC)

This is my 2023 pack. Formerly known as the “selifmis” series.

New files will be released over the year of 2023 and added here 🙂 Likely 5 per month for a total of 60.

Have fun!

As the name implies, most of the stuff will be on the harder side, but not always. Mostly just a weed joke. Love you xoxo

🔥 Download 10 files (Feb, v2.0) 🔥

TitleDateArtistSteps byLv.Notes*
BangerJanSavage Statesdimo11B+X-F DS+ JA+ BT-
DemetriusJanJames LandinoZaia, dimo11BXF SS+ BU
InterludenJanXilentdimo13BXF+ JA+ BU+
Tongues of Fire (VIP)JanAce Auradimo13BXF+ DS BU/SPD+ JA-
UniverseJanYunosukeZaia, dimo11BXF+ JA
Matt Silver (Jorts Remix)FebRemo-con vs. Jortsdimo13, 14, 15Haha
D3LTA Q0MPLEXFebGetty & Srav3R & DJ NorikenZaia, dimo15BX+F+ BU- STR
You’re Gonna Love Me (Sharks Remix)FebEliminate feat. Leah CulverHighflyer, dimo5, 9, 11, 14BXF BU JA SJ
Monke RaveFebBeutNoisedimo13B++XF JA DS BU RH- XMOD
Will we get to 60 files by 2024?!

* A rough guide to these common abbreviations:

  • +” means “more of this than you’d expect” while-” means the opposite.
  • BXF: short for brackets (2 arrows one foot), crossovers (turn your body to hit something like ⬅ ⬇ ➡), footswitches (alternating feet on either up/down on 2+ consecutive arrows). The baseline “tech” trio.
  • BU: Bursts of 3+ arrows done quickly. “SPD” can also imply bursts (short for “footspeed”).
  • BT: Bracket Tap. Hold a freeze arrow with your toe or heel and hit more arrows with the part of your foot not holding that arrow.
  • DS: Double Step. Purposefully use the same foot 2+ times in a row, different arrows. (Usually you’d alternate feet)
  • JA: Jack. Same foot, same arrow, 2+ times in a row.
  • SS: Side Switch. FS but sideways on L/R arrows.