What is it?

If you’re thinking “a façade since the world is controlled by just a few really rich sociopaths”, you’re probably thinking of democracy. But, DIMOCRACY (stylized all-lowercase, always, please) is a ITG tech simfile event that rewards you for making simfiles other people find really cool or fun. We’ve done this two years in a row now and even volunteer our time afterwards to make graphics and lowers and doubles for the winning files as well.

Nice! What does it cost to enter?

Nothing! $0. Just like being born! (wait…)

Are there prizes?

Yeah, I use the subs I get on Twitch + some of my own money to give away a bunch of cash.

To date, I have given out over $1,600.

This year, we’ll be doing the following for each round:

  • 1st receives $50 + in the final pack!
  • 2nd receives $30 + in the final pack!
  • 3rd receives $20 + in the final pack!
  • 4th makes it in the final pack!
  • Wildcard! “dimo’s pick”! A special someone whose file I think was severely underrated by all other entrants makes it in the pack!

What’s the structure of the event?

There will be 10 rounds, each spanning roughly 3 weeks.

  • Week 1: MAKE! Make a stepchart/simfile/map/whatever word you use for “Level design in StepMania 5” adhering to the constraints of the round.
  • Week 2: VOTE! dimo does a sightread stream of every file in the round. Simultaneously, files of the round are released for voting.
  • Week 3: AWARDS! Votes are due. We do an awards stream for who made it in the final pack and trade reviews/help each other get better!

What are some of the basic rules?

This year, each round will follow the following steps/rules unless otherwise stated in the round:

  1. Full anonymity (meaning no one knows what song, artist, steps, etc are yours) in “public spaces” at all times. What does that mean? Well, there is an OPTIONAL space you can opt-into to discuss the round and break anonymity after you have voted. Once our awards stream ends, feel free to be open about your identity. Use any two PG words for your pseudonym (to put in the CREDIT# field in your simfile). https://www.michaelfogleman.com/phrases/ has some to make it super easy if you can’t think of any two words. We reserve the right to change your alias if it’s too obvious who you are in the round.
  2. Each file will have one author. This is to reduce complexity on all angles (voting, prizes, the actual act of collaborating)
  3. Song length of ~ 2:30. We strongly recommend that people stay within 9-14 because 15+ will be inaccessible to a lot of folks. There will be some rounds where constraints are listed, but otherwise feel free to make 9 -> n. .sm/.ssc both fine, .ogg required, Single Expert only. No lowers, no graphics. Nothing else in the SM fields other than your pseudonym.
  4. Add 9ms offset to your chart. “ITG sync”. (How to do this: get your file perfectly lined up waveform-wise in ArrowVortex, then type +0.009 in the offset field.)
  5. The Google form to submit for each round will be https://omid.gg/submit and to vote, https://omid.gg/vote.
  6. Files should work on StepMania 5.0.12 (though most people are on 5.1 now I would guess)

What kinds of files should I write? Are mods allowed?

First of all, that’s two questions. Secondly, there are some new rules this year. Generally, files that do the best are some mish-mash of lots of tech and/or some mods. That is changing this year. Each human has one file per tournament they can add lua/attacks to. Other than that one file, you must stick to SM5 gimmicks only. You can also just enter one mod file one round and never enter again, also fine.

Sounds neat. How do I enter?

Join my Discord. It’s omid dot gg slash discord to join up. Everything happens there. You can choose to enter just one round or EVERY round or a FEW rounds! Drop in/out whenever, wherever.

Once you’re there, just check #tourney-info. Basic info at the bottom.