(Looking for old stuff? Detailed file list / individual downloads or maybe entire ZIP of old stuff.)


Throughout 2018, I’m going to release songs that will be released eventually as a pack in dimo 4. They’re in descending release date below. 🙂

12. Trauma (dimo ♥ chunka edit) by Mantis & Rekoil.

Difficulty 12 – 32nds and brackets. 110 and 175. Tricky!

Download here!

11. Anthem (We Love House Music) by Don Diablo.

Difficulty 10 – really simple and straightforward, good for practicing footswitches.

Download here!

10. Kids in Love (Don Diablo Remix) by Kygo.

Difficulty 11 – not sure what to say except for “it’s fun I think”

Download here!

9. I Ejaculate Fire by Dethklok (from Metalocalypse).

Difficulty 14 – one of the best shows on Adult Swim… ever. FLAGELLUM IS PAIN!! \m/ \m/

Download here (has BG video)! | Download here (no BG video)

8. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino.

Difficulty – simple karaoke chart because Glover is a genius and I quickly wanted to make something to listen to this song on ITG. Gonna make more hip hop charts!

Download here (has BG video)! | Download here (no BG video)

7. Let’s Get Crunk by Gammer.

Difficulty 12 – the most experimental one so far. Lots of fun brackets and weird wave tempo BS.

Download here!

6. AO-∞ by 青龍.

Difficulty 12 – very old-school feeling with a fair amount of jumps (sadism, sorry) and some hype patterns I guess. I dunno what I’m doing but that’s half the fun.

Download here!

5. Break Stasis by Hommarju & Akira Complex.

Difficulty 11 – tried to go for an “OFFICIALS” vibe with this one. Straight forward with a tricky (??) slowdown.

Download here!


Difficulty 13 – another super fun, streamy song to pop off to. Really had fun making this.

Download here!

3. Bad Man (Skrillex remix) by The Ragga Twins.

Difficulty 10 – a fun song to pop off to.

Download here!

2. GuNGNiR by gram.

Difficulty 16 – the hardest simfile I’ve ever made!

Download here!

1. O*D/20 by Ryu☆.

Difficulty 12 – streamy and bouncy and idk just like one of the best songs in IIDX.

Download here!



nice cheats, fam.
here is a video for your reward.