The Longest Day

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> $10Request a song: DDR 18/ITG 12 or lower!
> $15Request a couples or mods chart (lower difficulty, we suck at these)!
> $25Request a harder song (any DDR/ITG, mods, couples…)
> $75Request a “grind”! For 20-30 minutes, we’ll repeatedly do our best on a song of your choice.
> $100Got a better idea? Ask before donating…

Here’s a link to donate!

Donation thresholds

At $1000 I Am Chris 2020 playthrough + our favorite I Am Chris charts
At $3000Chris & dimo play 2players1pad for a while and try to quad stuff
At $4400Chris plays Vertex2 for as long as he can tolerate it (in before 3 plays)

What songs can I request?

I have all the following packs on my machine. You can use sites/tools like StepMania Online search to see what’s in these packs, if not sure.

Barber Cuts 2
BemaniBeats 2
BemaniBeats 3
BemaniBeats 4
BemaniBeats 5 final
BemaniBeats 6 - THE FINAL
BemaniBeats Rev
BTI 2.5
Bubble Tea Invitational Co-Host's Exciting Sightreadables II
Couples Boot Camp
Couples Boot Camp 2
dimo's -I-II-III- selifmis
dimo's -IV- selifmis
dimo's -V- selifmis
dimocracy (WIP)
DVogan's Tech Support
DVogan's Tech Support 2
DVogan's Tech Support 3
ECFA 7 - Preview
ECFA 7 - Qualifiers
Fraxtil - Arrow Arrangements
Fraxtil - Barely Playable
Fraxtil - Beast Beats
Fraxtil - Cute Charts
Fraxtil - Monstercat Minipack
I Am Chris (beta)
I Am Chris 1
I Am Chris 2
I Am Chris 3
I Am Chris 4
I Am Chris 5
In The Groove
In The Groove 2
In The Groove 3
In The Groove Rebirth
In The Groove Rebirth 2
ITGAlex's Compilation
ITGAlex's Compilation 2
ITGAlex's Compilation 3
ITGAlex's Compilation 4
JBEAN Originals - 2019
Maxx Beta
Mods Boot Camp
Mods Boot Camp 2
Mute Sims X
Mute Sims X2
Notice Me Benpai
Notice Me Benpai 2
Oops! All Tricks
Raj 6 - Tournament Pack
S.M.H. 4
Skittles Scraps
Skittles Selection 6
Skittles Selection 7
TaroNuke's Bullshit
Technical Showcase 2
Technical Showcase 3
The Kat Pak
The League Of Extraordinary Stepmen - Chapter 1
UPS 5 [Telperion]
Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 10
Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 9
Washed Up
[0] DDR 15s - ACE SYNC
[0] DDR 16s - ACE SYNC
[0] DDR 17s - ACE SYNC
[0] DDR 18s - ACE SYNC
[0] DDR 19s - ACE SYNC
[1] DDR 1ST - 5TH MIX
[3] DDR SN, SN2
[4] DDR X, X2, X3
[5] DDR 2013, 2014
[6] DDR A
[7] DDR A20
[8] DDR other versions (dimo's selection)