Sync or Swim

What: A new StepMania content series inspired by Eliminate’s “Audio Combat” – 

I’ll offer a charting restriction (e.g. a specific song;  must contain 12 turns; song must be from a Disney movie, etc) and you’ll have 90 minutes to make a chart with the constraint. I also participate (and stream my creation). 

We then spend time looking at everyones’ submissions on-stream, together! 

We pick our favorite. That’s the end of the stream.


  1. Join my Discord server.
  2. Pay attention when I say “Hey, it’s time for a Sync or Swim sesh [at this time] and [on this day]!” 
  3. Go to my Twitch and participate!

Who: Me (dimo) and you.

Why: dimocracy got too heavy. Let’s do something else. It’ll be fun. Probably.

Where: on Twitch.

When: ~2x per month.