Hi there.


My name is Omid Farivar.

I’m 27, and I work as a UX Researcher at Facebook. I’m extremely passionate about Facebook’s mission — making the world a more open and connected place.

I love games of all kinds, especially video games… although more often than not I’ll be playing Magic: the Gathering (a card game). I love Magic so much I even got a WordPress plugin that lets me do this: Elesh Norn.

I love eSports in particular, which is essentially “being a pro gamer”. The “pro” part means kids are getting sponsored by companies, salaries, etc. I love eSports so much I did a Nerd Nite SF talk on it in February 2014.

I currently serve as an alum advisor to a fantastic student-run organization at my alma mater, promoting games user research.

Lastly, I have an adorable cat named Luna. Lots of cat owners will say their cats are the best, but mine is actually the best.