My name is Omid Farivar.

I do UX Research for a living.

I’m looking for new opportunities at the moment, after an amazing 4-year stint at Facebook. I’ve had a ton of impact on product there and enjoy seeing my insights manifest into new amazing features the company releases year after year.

What’s next? Leadership. I’m looking to leverage my core strengths: managing and helping people grow, public speaking, and educating others about core UX principles, agnostic of role, title, or level.

I love games of all kinds, especially video games. Current favorites include: like all the new Switch games, PUBG, Lone Echo on the Oculus Rift + Touch. The latter has literally left me breathless!

I love esports in particular. I love watching amazing people perfect a game and compete with others for cash and glory — even watching games I don’t actively play! I love esports so much I did a Nerd Nite SF talk on it in February 2014. It’s actually slightly cringey watching this now in 2018 since I feel like I’ve leveled up my public speaking game immensely since then!

I’m a lifelong pro-gamer myself, having achieved a top 5 worldwide ranking in a game called In the Groove, an off-shoot of the popular series, Dance Dance Revolution. I stopped playing between 2009-2016, but have started again in the past few years, back on DDR. I also own the newest dance game, made by a subset of the ITG team, called StepManiaX (SMX). I’m currently the best SMX player in the world and create content on Twitch that you can find here.

Lastly, but perhaps mostly importantly, I have an adorable cat named Luna. Lots of cat owners will say their cats are the best, but mine is actually the best. Promise.